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Six Forward Merger Campaign – 6th May 2013

Six Forward Merger Campaign – 6th May 2013

Six Forward


Compass Media Relations was commissioned to plan, manage and execute a campaign for property tax specialists and integrated services firm; Six Forward.

Six Forward required targeted media exposure to promote its merger with Bristol-based Browns Consulting. The merger resulted in offices across three territories in Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff.

Aims & Objectives

  • Increase Six Forward’s profile in the Midlands, South Wales and the South West of England.
  • Achieve coverage across various media platforms in each region.
  • Communicate the delicate news of a merger in a consistent and effective fashion.
  • Enhancing Six Forward’s credibility through media appearances.
  • Position Six Forward as experts in property tax and professional integrated services.


Printed Coverage:
Bristol Post – 30/05/13

Online Coverage:
Business Insider (Midlands) – 30/05/13
ThisisBristol – 05/06/13
Business Insider (South Wales) – 05/06/13
Business Insider (South West) – 05/06/13

Capture of key strategic partnership directly related to the press exposure and affirmation of credibility.