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Top Tips For Playing On A Racketlon

16 Feb 2015
Top Tips For Playing On A Racketlon

1. Warm-ups and cool downs

It’s always important to warm up and cool down before and after play. Make sure to stretch thoroughly as well as doing some light aerobic exercise, such as jogging, before a game. It’s important to not have long breaks of inactivity throughout the day and then jump back into play without warming up again. You don’t want to injure yourself if it could have been avoided by a simple warm up.

2. The right racket grip

It’s important to vary your grip for different types of shots in the four different sports. It’s best to talk to experienced players or take lessons to get great advice on the different disciplines to improve the quality of your play. If you get into bad habits when you first start playing these become more difficult to break the longer you play.

3. Maintain your stamina

Especially in a competition like the Racketlon, stamina is important. As there are several rounds you don’t want to tire yourself out after the first game, so make sure to pace yourself throughout the day. If you sprint around the court and are then flagging after the first two rounds you won’t perform well later on. Try and conserve your energy and make your opponent work instead.

4. Take one point at a time

If you’ve lost a point or two, try not to take it to heart. Think ahead to the next point and don’t get disheartened. Stay in the moment and concentrate on the point you’re currently playing. Getting frustrated with yourself won’t help you win. Similarly don’t let your ego get the better of you. If you’re a few points up be careful not to become too cocky.

5. Don’t rush

Take your time over serving. Don’t rush it and risk losing a point because you didn’t take your time. Be patient and stay sharp and this will help you stay ahead of your opponent.


Most importantly enjoy the day and HAVE FUN!


To sign up for the Wales Racketlon on the 21st – 22nd February please visit:

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