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Telecoms firm rises above the clouds as it hits record turnover

30 Nov 2016
Telecoms firm rises above the clouds as it hits record turnover

TWL Voice and Data has recorded its highest turnover in over 13 years of business; a matter of months since the launch of its cloud-based telephony product.

The Cardiff-based firm has announced growth of 160% across  the last three years with turnover reaching £2.1M. The forecast for year end 2017 is set to breach £3M.

Managing Director Andrew Nicholson said: “2016 has been a year of positive change for us. Turnover is at a record-high as well as client numbers. Our new cloud-based product, TWL Hosted, has a been a real hit so far; adding substantial momentum to our figures for quarters three and four this year.”

The business has been on a quest for sustained growth since making its first acquisition in 2012 of Danwood Telecoms. It made its second acquisition last year of Bridgend-based JVH Communications.

Mr Nicholson said: “Other than growth methods such as acquisitions, we have focused on perfecting our customer service which helps our customer retention as well as developing new accounts. Also, we are looking at offering referral schemes to our customers who endorse our services .”

The shift to cloud-based telephony has been a challenge, despite providing impressive figures. Mr Nicholson said: “The main challenge has been convincing customers that cloud-based telephony is so much more adept to the modern business’ needs. PBX systems certainly aren’t redundant but most businesses now offer a level of flexible working for staff. Whether it be for remote-based workers, staff juggling work with childcare or businesses with staff in multiple locations; businesses need to be more adaptable when it comes to the needs of staff. A cloud-based telephony product far outweighs a typical PBX system when it comes to this.”

TWL plans to make further acquisitions in 2017, explained Mr Nicholson: “Whilst we plan to make more acquisitions, we are fiercely protective of our culture. An essential caveat of any deal is the integrity of our customer-orientated approach. Assuming that is not compromised, we are keen to look at anything that can add something positive to our business.”

The forecasted turnover figure excludes any acquisitions that will be made next year.

For more information on TWL please call 02920 839 100, email and follow @twlvoiceanddata on Twitter or visit:

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