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Tech Startup Aims To Sit Amongst The Clouds With Plans To Quadruple Growth

13 Mar 2015
Tech Startup Aims To Sit Amongst The Clouds With Plans To Quadruple Growth

Technology startup addMASS has announced it’s on track to quadruple its turnover to £1 million by the end of 2015.

The Cardiff Bay consultancy was launched in late 2013 by Bruce Campbell and Jason Dunlop with the objective of introducing businesses to new cloud-based technology that integrates their financial and CRM data.

“addMASS has snowballed.” said director Bruce Campbell. ‘“We are now seeing significant traction in multiple markets and have increased our staff four fold since the middle of 2014.’’ said Campbell. ‘‘The demand for our services will see our staff levels rise over the coming months with forecasts indicating that we will have a team of 20 by the end of the 2015. Our multi-disciplined team will be made up from young talent from South Wales; this is a huge part of our ethos of developing local people for the benefit of Welsh businesses – all fuelled by huge global ​investment in cutting edge cloud-based technologies.”

South African ​born Bruce ​Campbell met business partner and ex-Cardiff University Student’s Union boss Jason Dunlop at a business networking event 12 months ago, and quickly set about combining their skills and knowledge to ​cultivate​ something ​truly ​groundbreaking.

‘We’re here to revolutionise administration.’’ continued ​Mr Campbell. ‘‘We live in an age where the technology available to us can significantly decrease the dependency on paper-based and time-intensive administration. A move to cloud based operations can automate, sync and simplify ​business process. The cost of new software no longer being a barrier to entry.

“We understand the frustrations businesses face when it comes to real time management ​information. ​Our pragmatic approach, coupled with the world’s leading software, allows us to build an enormous amount of value in our clients business​es​. Not only do we take away the ​administrative ​pain in business, but we provide the foundation of a step change to better processes, client service and relations and eliminate needless costs and time wastage​.”

Mr Campbell was speaking at the launch of Technotopia, addMASS’ new offices based in Cardiff Bay: ‘‘We want to bring the world’s leading technology to Cardiff – and this is where we will accommodate it. These offices aren’t just for us; they’re for our customers and contacts who want to drop in, learn how technology can make their lives easier and implement changes that will improve their workload, and more importantly, their lives. We’re unbelievably excited to say Technotopia is a real place.’’

The business services a wide range of customers from The London Women’s Clinic in Cardiff and Harley Street, London to KMS Engineering in Aberdeen. addMASS has a strong presence in the rapidly developing Western power base of Cardiff, Newport and Bristol, with the view of basing ​some of the planets’ ​best emerging technology in ​Cardiff.

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