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Swansea’s New Approach to Home Sales

4 Nov 2013
Swansea’s New Approach to Home Sales

Swansea based company Can Do Home Sales has started a helpful home buying business for those struggling to sell their home. Aimed at those who have found it difficult to cope with the traditional method of selling a home, Can Do Home Sales use innovative methods for buying a property.

Zoe Watkins, Director at Can Do Home Sales said: “Most people aspire to own a home, but for some individuals it seems certain factors are stacked against them.  Using a Rent to Buy process can help more people achieve their dream. I learnt through trying this alternative method is how much it can help people who really need to sell their house when the traditional way is not working for them.  It’s a brilliant industry to know that your service is helping people.”

The business offers a service for helping homeowners sell when they feel that it is a lost cause. As they don’t buy in the traditional manner they are able to help people who are have very little or negative equity. Using Rent to Buy processes they help people buy their own homes in the current difficult market.

Watkins continued: “People are very sceptical of anything that is different from what they are used to even if it can help them.  What my aim is to give people the choice of traditional or alternative methods of home buying, whichever they feel most comfortable with. Using techniques that have been popular in the USA and Australia for years we can help solve your problem.”

“Selling a home can be very difficult and if the traditional way does not seem to be working it can be very stressful.  The aim of the company is to give people the choice of selling traditionally or using an alternative method.”

The way the business works is not to focus solely on the sale of the house; instead Can Do Home Sales focus on the clients’ unique situation and bring creative solutions that will solve the problem.

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