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HR firm win prestigious employment award for felxibility

2 Oct 2015
HR firm win prestigious employment award for felxibility

A human resource management firm has won an award for its approach to allow flexible working for its employees and for assisting their clients to do the same.

 EffectiveHRM has won the Top 10 Small Employers For Working Families 2015 award at the Benchmark and Awards ceremony held in London on Monday, during National Work Life Week.

 “There is a really strong business case for allowing employees some flexibility of working arrangements around other obligations.” says EffectiveHRM Managing Director, Emma del Torto. “To win the award and receive recognition for how we approach employability means a great deal to us. Our culture is centered around a healthy work-life balance, whilst also not compromising our excellent service delivery. For our commitment to this ethos to be acknowledged in this fashion is great and means that we can help to influence clients, contacts and other businesses looking to develop a similar approach to working. We are the only small company in Wales ​to get this acknowledgment, but we are in good company with the likes of the National Assembly of Wales and Wales & West Housing Association coming within the Top 30 for larger employers.”

 del Torto discusses the policies the firm has implemented to aid flexible working: “Our employees work hours that fit around childcare and family life. They have the flexibility to take time off work, move their hours, or work from home when the need arises. We know how important it is to be there for our children when they are ill, watch them on sports day or in their Christmas concerts; we encourage our employees to make sure they don’t miss out on these wonderful memories”.

 Discussing the benefits businesses can experience from adopting this approach, co-director Gemma Davies said: “We have seen our clients improve their customer service delivery, the business profitability, and they have been able to recruit and retain great employees by allowing flexibility that works for both the business and the employee.”

 The Treforest-based firm works completely remotely on Fridays, with all staff having full access to emails, CRM software and phone lines diverted to provide a full service to clients in a seamless manner, without the need to be office based.

 “There should not be a trade off between earning a good salary and working flexibly,” continued Davies. “The company is keen to pay a competitive salary and to continue to expand through attracting the best quality staff. This is just a small way in ensuring we have the best people producing the best work, all with a smile on their face.”

 EffectiveHRM is an outsourced HR Services organisation established in 2011. The firm is focused on delivering HR, Employment Law, Training and Health & Safety services to a wide range of clients in diverse industries ensuring best practice at all times. The firm is experienced in making sure organisations have the right structure and culture in place through supportive expertise and best practice, as well as providing advice, training and HR software solutions.

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