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Pharmacy offers treatment as it relieves pressure from A&E

30 Aug 2016
Pharmacy offers treatment as it relieves pressure from A&E

The Triage & Treat service is being offered by Evans Pharmacy at its branches in Tenby and St Clears to local residents as well as those visiting the area on summer breaks. The service is free to the general public as it is fully funded by NHS Wales.

Speaking of the service, Claire Brace, who has worked at Glen Pharmacy on Gas Lane in Tenby as an Accuracy Checking Technician for nearly 10 years, said: “This is a scheme that is available at 17 pharmacies across Hywel Dda Health Board. Given the proximity to the seafront, as well as the nature of the local terrain, it isn’t uncommon for accidents to occur.

“This service will help those who only need low level treatment, as well as those who are unsure if they need to travel to A&E to be assessed. Not only will this save vast amounts of time for many patients, but it will ensure that more people in A&E waiting rooms are in genuine need of treatment; thus reducing waiting times and helping to streamline NHS services.

“The thought process behind the scheme is that those in the local area, whether permanent residents or tourists, can come and receive treatment for minor cuts, bruises, abrasions and other non-emergency treatment. If we feel the issue is serious or further consultation is required, we will refer the patient to Morriston Hospital.”

On the early success of the scheme, Ms Brace said: “It has been really well received since we launched the service, with very strong uptake across the summer so far. We have had a pretty even split between locals and tourists using the service, and the number of people we have referred on to hospital for treatment has been fairly low. We are delighted that we can play a part in reducing the pressure on A&E departments, whilst offering a fast-acting service which allows people to carry on with their day-to-day lives, as well as their holidays, without wasting hours sat in waiting rooms.”

The service is completely free of charge and is offered at the following Evans Pharmacy branches during regular opening times across Tenby and St Clears; Glen Pharmacy, Seafront Pharmacy and Medical Hall.

For more information, including all opening times, please visit, call 018 3484 2945. Follow @PharmacyEvans on Twitter, and find Evans Pharmacy on Facebook.

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