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Pet Supplies Business Opens In Newport

20 May 2015
Pet Supplies Business Opens In Newport

A Newport-based businessman Mike Howells has launched his new online pet supplies business D4discount Pet Supplies. Mr. Howells wanted to create an affordable, simple and convenient way for consumers to order pet supplies online.

“One of the main reasons for setting up an online pet supplies business is that I, as well as many of my friends and family, own and love pets; so naturally I wanted to offer a more personal, as well as competitive, pet supplies business compared to supermarkets and other pet stores” said Mike Howells, Director of D4 Discount Pet Supplies.

“As pet owners we know it can be a costly business ordering equipment, food and toys for dogs and cats, all the way to small reptiles and fish.” continued Mr. Howells.

The online store offers free local delivery for those willing to spend a minimum amount in the Newport area. It will also provide a free click and collect service for people wishing to collect their pet supplies themselves.

Discussing the role the website will play, Mr. Howells said: “We don’t just want the website to be used as a sales and order function, for example; in addition to selling pet supplies there will be a post your pet page where our customers can upload pictures and videos of their pets. Also, there will be a lost pet page where people can upload any information about lost pets, and this information can then be shared across social media sites.”

For more information about D4discount please visit:

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