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Newport IT Company Expands Premises In Church Renovation

11 Feb 2015
Newport IT Company Expands Premises In Church Renovation

Newport based IT support firm A2Z Computing has renovated a church as part of their new office expansion. The property was bought by the company’s Director Az Ashraf 20 years ago when he set up the business; with the firm occupying the ground floor only. The development has increased the size of the workspace from a 1800 sq ft ground floor office to a 5300 sq ft control centre that spans two floors.

“The business has been growing rapidly and we’ve been crying out for additional space,” said Managing Director Az Ashraf. “We have workshops, IT repair units and staff contact centres all based at our offices and after the addition of many new contracts it was essential for us to expand. This extra space has allowed us to upgrade, improve and customise our space to suit our needs.”

The company has secured a raft of IT support and consulting contracts for education institutes and have developed their own hardware product for the education and third sector; a product that is close to being launched. The additional space will be used to grow this arm of the business whilst allowing staff the space they need to research and develop concepts for the benefit of their varied client base.

“This move is ideal for us as it doesn’t require relocating,” continued Mr Ashraf. “We are simply maximising the property we’re already in whilst maintaining our location; which is vitally important to us in order to keep servicing our local clients. This expansion has also allowed us to assess the whole infrastructure of the company and has given us the opportunity to make improvements to the business as a whole.”

A2Z Computing supply a plethora of hardware including PCs, laptops and tablets. They also develop their own software for some of their clients in public services. Currently, they have seven staff but will be making a series of new appointments throughout the year across the different arms of the business. In addition to their local client base the company deal with businesses across the world with clients as far away as New Zealand.

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