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New Company Brings Technotopia To UK

18 Jul 2014
New Company Brings Technotopia To UK

“Technotopia is a real place.” This is the motto of addMASS, a new cloud based Technology Enablement Company based in Cardiff. Their aim is to be an easy to use solution to accounts and administration requirements, whether it be for personal or business use, addMASS couple together the best technologies with one-on-one personalised training to help you get organised with maximum efficiency. The company is working with organisations across the world, bringing cutting edge software and technology straight to their finger tips.

After coming to Wales following a worldwide travelling adventure, with his wife Emma and their three children, Bruce quickly set about launching addMASS with the view of bringing Technotopia to the UK. Bruce has an extensive background in business and accounts and had always had an interest in how data flowed through organisations.

Bruce met former Chief Executive of Cardiff Students Union Jason Dunlop at a networking event, and the pair found that they could combine their skills and knowledge to harbour something extremely special.

addMASS has just opened its base in Cardiff Bay with the view if becoming the UK’s first technology drop-in centre. Customers and clients can come and learn about new software and how to implement it through training courses, one-to-one sessions and seminars. The company now employs six members of staff after less than a year in business.

“addMASS has snowballed.” Says Bruce, “We understand the frustrations businesses face when it comes to real time information, management accounts, data flow and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Our pragmatic approach, coupled with the world’s leading software, allows us to build an enormous amount of value in our clients business. Not only do we take away the pain in business, but we take away needless costs, time and needless resources.”

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