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Mustard Launch New Diagnostic Tool

25 Jun 2015
Mustard Launch New Diagnostic Tool
Business Advisory firm Mustard has launched a new diagnostic tool to help businesses pinpoint problems and troubleshoot difficult areas within their business. The Caerphilly based growth management firm helps business owners maximise their potential and this latest tool has been highly praised by clients of the company.
“The benefits of the Mustard Diagnostic are three fold,” said Alan Jones, Co-founder of Mustard. “Firstly it helps the business management team to critically review their business and give an idea of what they are doing well and what isn’t working. Secondly, the business receives a detailed report showing the value created in the business, and the value that is possible when the business reaches it’s full potential. Thirdly, the business receives a traffic lighted action report for all areas that need to be worked on in the business.”
The diagnostic process consists of a Mustard Trusted Business Advisor sitting down with the business owner and working through the process. The advisor will challenge and dig deep into the initial responses to get to the root of any problems within the business.
“We find that the business will be strong in one or two functions, usually the functions that the owner has technical experience in,” said Neil Hill, Co-founder of Mustard. “The other functions will be weaker. We take the business through an eight step process to build a business that works without them have constantly micro-manage it.”
Clients of Mustard have responded positively to the diagnostic and their clients have found the step by step action plan to address the issues an excellent tool. 
“Many businesses find the diagnostic process itself is inspiring,” continued Mr Jones. “To quote one client ‘that was awesome and so inspiring. I am so excited to be working with you and  can’t wait to start the action plan’. We have found that the process  gives our clients the confidence that they need to take to reach the next level.”
Mustard, works with businesses across a variety of sectors implement tools and processes that harnesses growth through a range of mentoring and advising techniques. 
For more information on Mustard, call 02921 111262, email or follow Mustard on Twitter. 

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