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Lots of work to be done before we can fully embrace electric cars

30 Oct 2017
Lots of work to be done before we can fully embrace electric cars

A motor industry expert has claimed that the UK is a long way from saying goodbye to diesel and petrol vehicles as the Government pushes for a greater uptake in hybrid and electric cars.

Liam Powell, Director of Ask4Leasing, a contract hire and car leasing specialist, claims that the infrastructure isn’t in place to support the demand needed for the general public to fully embrace green energy vehicles.

Speaking of the Government’s pledge to ban diesel cars by 2040, Liam said: “There is a lot of work to be done before we can become a country of only hybrid and electric cars. Questions need to be answered on when and where the huge volume of charging points will be installed, and whether the national grid will be able to cope with the extra demand. The cost implication is another factor; it is being reported that this may reach £30bn in the run-up to 2020; which works out at £4.8M per week, every week, across the next 12 years.”

When asked about the mood of the market since the announcement, Liam said: “No customers have changed their minds since the announcement; diesel and petrol cars still outweigh hybrid and electric by quite some way. However, we have seen a steady decline in the popularity of diesel cars over the last few years due to people being better informed of the health risks, people being more environmentally conscious and the improvement in the efficiency of petrol cars; with many being capable of 70 miles per gallon.  

“Most certainly, though, the steady decline has been because of the improvement of hybrid and electric vehicles; especially when it comes to businesses and company cars.

The UK will look to follow the likes of Norway, which has had a big push towards electric vehicles since the 1990s. The emissions scandal that many manufacturers were caught up in is something that has been suggested as a key motivating factor behind the Government’s decision to press ahead with this push.

Liam continued: “Coupled with the improvement in battery and electric vehicles, I can’t see many new petrol or diesel cars being sold in the UK come 2030. I think the biggest winners to emerge out of the drive towards green energy vehicles are the energy suppliers and businesses involved in fitting the hundreds of thousands of charging stations that will be required across the whole of the country.”

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