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Local Company Improving Buisness Skills At Home And Abroad

24 Sep 2013
Local Company Improving Buisness Skills At Home And Abroad

South Wales based Management Development company OpenGround has attracted global interest in their business skills development programmes for aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced managers.

Director Andrew Scowcroft has blended a powerful online business simulation programme, under a licence from the April Group in Cheshire, with his own practical skills training for over 13 years. He has worked with clients in Wales and across the UK, as well as in India.

Clients close to home include Cardiff University, University of Bristol, University of Gloucestershire, and Hereford College of Technology. The company’s largest overseas client is the Aditya Birla Group; an ambitious global conglomerate based in Mumbai. Birla have used OpenGround’s programmes to teach business acumen to their managers since 2004. Andrew also supports the Tata group in Pune, India as they use the simulation programme for their in house training.

Commenting on the business cultures of India and the UK, Andrew said, “I am constantly struck by the ambition and drive of the managers I meet in India. This combination of ambition, competitiveness and loyalty goes a considerable way towards explaining why Indiais such a rapidly growing economy.”

Having trained over 1500 managers in India since 2004, and a similar number of University postgraduate students here in the UK, Andrew is reassured by two characteristics that span the continents.

“The first thing that both countries have in common is an abundance of smart people. The ability of participants to quickly get to grips with the simulation and then come up with genuinely clever and innovative ways of building sustainable businesses blows me away eachtime I run the programmes.”

Scowcroft continued, “My experience of working with employers across all sectors and in all countries is that those who work hard to truly involve their people, are the ones that move forward. This is the secret ingredient to a strong business model. The earnest business managers in India know this and it shows in their approach to business. The aspiring entrepreneurs studying here in Cardiff also understand that a business is no more than a network of human partnerships in need of regular care and attention.”

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