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Local Accountancy Firm Pledge To Support Ignite Cardiff

6 Mar 2015
Local Accountancy Firm Pledge To Support Ignite Cardiff

Cardiff based accountancy firm EST Accountants & Tax Advisers has been confirmed as a sponsor of Ignite Cardiff.

Ignite Cardiff is an evening of fast paced presentations where there is a series of  five minute presentations on a range of topics. The talks are accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation consisting of twenty slides that automatically transition every fifteen seconds. Only text and images are allowed on the slides and self-promotion or plugging of services is prohibited. Other than that, you can be as creative as your talk will allow.

The event has recently had to move from Porters in Cardiff city centre to the larger venue of Glee Club in Cardiff Bay due to popularity. The event is free to attend though you must sign up for a ticket online. In previous Ignite event, tickets have been snapped up in 45 seconds.

“I attended Ignite as a guest and really enjoyed it. I was really impressed with the time and effort the organisers put in without pay.” said Barry Esterhuizen, Director at EST Accountants. “I really wanted this to be something I could be a part of. It fits well with us as a young practice and is a great way to raise the profile of young and creative companies. I think it’s vital that businesses support not for profit organisations and events as they offer something different, the time and effort that goes into these events deserves to be recognised.”

“We are extremely grateful for the generous sponsorship Ignite Cardiff receives from companies such as EST Accountants.” said Ignite Cardiff Organiser Steve Dimmick. “Without the support from these local businesses, we wouldn’t be able to provide our guests with such a great evening time and time again.  Their support allows us to successfully market and promote the event as well as supporting our continuous efforts to improve the calibre of videos we share on the Ignite Cardiff website.”

The next Ignite Cardiff event will be next week on Wednesday 18th March at 6pm in The Glee Club.

For more information about EST Accountants please visit:

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