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Llanelli Pharmacy to Install Revolutionary Technology

13 Jul 2016
Llanelli Pharmacy to Install Revolutionary Technology

Evans Pharmacy, based at Ty Elli surgery on Vauxhall Road, has begun the installation of the new dispensing robot, with work scheduled to be completed by the beginning of August.

Director of Evans Pharmacy Dr Mo Nazemi said: “This is a huge step forward for us. The motivation behind this investment is underpinned by three objectives. Firstly, we want to keep waiting times down to an absolute minimum; the speed of the dispensing will allow us to eliminate precious time that our customers can be using more effectively. Secondly, this adds another robust level of security to our operations. The robot will add another level to the system of checking prescriptions, not replace a step in the process. There will still be checks made by staff and pharmacists.

“Finally, this will enable our staff to adopt a more consultative approach to their work for the benefit of our customers. The investment in the technology is being made to safeguard and improve the quality of the jobs of our staff. We are confident that the new dispensing robot will further enhance our commitment to customer care, as well as taking necessary steps to ensuring our staff are performing the most important part of their jobs more often; and that is dealing with our valued customers.”

Mo was keen to stress that during the installation process, it is very much business as usual.

“It’s going to be a very exciting month. Work is scheduled to be complete at the start of August, and there is a lot to do. There will be a visible difference to our operation, but it is business as normal and there will be no down-period. Of course, due to the magnitude of the installation, our normal flow may be disrupted ever so slightly. The short term work is essential if we want to take our pharmacy to the next level in terms of enhancing the experience for the customer. Also, there will be regular updates on screens showing the progress of the work.”

As Evans Pharmacy welcomes a new member to its family,  Mo is keen to name the robot , and is looking to local schoolchildren for inspiration: “Welcoming a new member to our family is a big thing for us, and we felt right that the robot have a name that was thought up by the school children of Llanelli. After all, it’s them and their families who will benefit from this investment.”

Evans Pharmacy is offering a one week stay for a family of four for the winning suggestion. More information will be released regarding the competition very soon.

For more information, please visit, call 015 5477 3152. Follow @PharmacyEvans on Twitter, and find Evans Pharmacy on Facebook.

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