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Less Reliance On Grid, Says UK Lighting Manufacturer

8 Oct 2014
Less Reliance On Grid, Says UK Lighting Manufacturer

A firm that specialises in battery powered lighting has encouraged businesses to sign up to a new scheme that manages electricity use and slash unnecessary utility costs.

Mr Beams, an international light manufacturer based in Gloucester, has endorsed several large companies such as Tata Steel and energy supplier EDF that have agreed to turn off their power between the hours of 17:00 and 21:00 on weekdays.  In return of a fee from the National Grid, this is an attempt to prevent power cuts over the British winter season.

‘‘We believe this to be a positive step forward.’’ said David Mason, MD at Mr Beams.

‘‘ The less pressure on the grid at peak times the better. However, it can be argued that this will not make any difference to the number of power cuts people suffer across the country. A greater reliance on battery powered solutions is needed to ensure we are not overworking the grid, whilst ensuring we are being as energy-efficient as possible.

‘‘The dependence on mains powered items increases running costs and decreases our ability to minimise carbon; a national objective across all aspects of modern living. Battery powered lights, specifically those that are motion sensored, can help overcome these issues; with only the small cost of batteries as the ongoing overhead.’’

Mr Beams specialises in indoor and outdoor lighting solutions that are completely battery powered and largely activated via motion detectors; furthering the energy usage and preserving battery life. The Mr Beams range can be installed easily and with minimal hassle; ensuring all walls, cupboards, sheds and garages are not damaged by wall plugs or extensive wiring work.

For more information on the Mr Beams range please call 01452 618850, email, follow us on Twitter @MrBeamsUK and visit

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