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First Veterinary Clinic In Wales Appoints Customer Care Manager

25 Nov 2014
First Veterinary Clinic In Wales Appoints Customer Care Manager

Cardiff based Heath Vets has appointed Leanne Kiddie as a Customer Care Manager, making the Rhiwbina-headquartered group the first veterinary group in Wales to appoint designated customer care personnel.  The appointment will ensure the firm delivers excellent customer service across all four sites in Cardiff. Ms Kiddie is from Rhiwbina and previously worked for twelve years at the department of work and pensions.

“We want to put our customers at the forefront of our service.” says Gavin Hill-John, Operations Director of Heath Vets. “The traditional veterinary practice model was based around territory; you had one vet practice in an area and local people used it. They weren’t challenged on customer service as we are today. Having Leanne as our dedicated Customer Care Manager will help us set Heath Vets apart from other practices. Whilst we may not be able to compete with the buying power of some national chains, we can certainly beat them at customer service.”

Increased competition in the market has determined that it’s more important than ever for veterinary practices to offer something that sets them apart. Heath Vets has identified customer service as their key driver to retaining customers, attracting new customers, sustaining growth, and most importantly, delivering a stellar service that keeps customers happy and animals healthy.

Heath Vets is developing its engagement with  its customers regarding future plans; utilising their comments andfeedback to shape the practice.

“We are aiming to deliver a level of engagement with our customers that no other vet practice has seen before.” continues Mr Hill-John. “We’re hosting cheese and wine functions where customers can come in, enjoy our festive hospitality, and speak with the staff about their pet’s issues. We not only want to work with our customers, but we want to get to know them.”

Hill-John believes Heath Vets can challenge all competitors when it comes to customer service: ‘‘My vision for the role is that across all four sites we should be delivering outstanding customer service, consistently. To achieve that aim, everybody needs to be highly skilled, trained, motivated and engaged. For us, it’s about recognising that we have a hugely impressive team that are focussed on delivering high quality customer service. National chains have investors and shareholders to please; we have our customers.’’

Heath Vets was established in 1926 and has four surgeries across Cardiff in Cyncoed, Danescourt, Heath and Rhiwbina. They invest considerable time and effort in the development of their staff to provide the best possible service for the animals in their care.

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