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Our First Three Months In BizNet

2 Jun 2014
Our First Three Months In BizNet

Business networking is certainly not something I profess to be an expert on, far from it.

I have only been attending networking events since 2009, so please forgive me if my five-year experience differs greatly from yours.

I would like to hop aboard the elephant in the room – networking meetings can be an absolute cringe-worthy, time-wasting and thankless task.

The key term there is ‘can be’.

Thankfully, BizNet is not one of those ‘can be’ meetings.

BizNet is different. It’s relaxed, informal, yet productive. You never leave a BizNet meeting wishing you had spent your time elsewhere.

Believe me; I have been to some excellent networking meetings and some not so. For me, it is all about the quality of the people in the room, not the quantity. The quality of the people in the room is the difference between coming out of a meeting with a new contact that can add real value to your business, and coming out of a meeting with a wad of business cards that will sit on your desk gathering dust.

I’ll be honest, our first three months in BizNet has been aided by a handful of people we knew prior to joining. But let’s face it, the odds of not knowing anyone in the network (especially in the biggest village in the world that is South Wales) is highly unlikely.

What I enjoy about BizNet is the relaxed approach to the meetings. There is no pressure placed on members, yet the format is conducive for people to engage and communicate; which suits my business down to the gravel.

Breakfast tends to work best for me, but I have attended BizNet lunches and had the same experience.

In our first three months as a BizNet members our agency has generated a considerable return on the annual cost of membership, as well as the meetings fees. The return that has been generated has come about from relaxed conversations both before the meeting has officially started and after the meeting has finished – which goes to show that turning up to mingle beforehand, and staying for a short while after the meeting makes the world of difference.

Also, we have come across a few other BizNet members that offer similar services to our own. Initially, we were unsure of the viability of going to meetings with competitors in the room. However, after speaking to those members and finding out that we actually offer complimentary services, we have worked together on a small number of projects and it has increased our offering as an agency.

To summarise, BizNet is not for those looking to make a quick sale. Neither is for those looking to make no sales.

BizNet is for those who wish to make longer term relationships with quality contacts in South Wales that can benefit their business.


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