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Cardiff Vets Partners With First Indoor Dog Park In UK

26 Jan 2015
Cardiff Vets Partners With First Indoor Dog Park In UK

Cardiff based veterinary group Heath Vets has partnered with Action Petz; the UK’s first indoor dog park based in Tremorfa. The park, situated in a 20,000sq ft warehouse, features artificial grass, toys, tunnels, training equipment and sleeping areas. The partnership sees Heath Vets providing the facility with an on-site vet so owners can bring their dogs for a check up whilst at the park.

Shelley Redding set up Action Petz six months ago after her staff-cross puppy, Rocco, was stolen in Llandaff Fields. After 12 frantic days of searching the city, Rocco was brought in to Cardiff Dogs Trust. Due to the horrific ordeal, and with inspiration from similar operations in the United States; Shelley launched her bid to open a park that could be a safe place for dogs.

I saw a raft of noise being made on social media about Action Petz opening.” said Gavin Hill-John, Operations Director at Heath Vets. “I co-own a florist with my wife, so I took a bouquet down for Shelley to congratulate her on opening and introduced myself. We had a chat about how we could help each other. We agreed that the way forward would be to start a pop-up clinic a few times per week for Action Petz members to bring their dogs to us to get veterinary expertise.”

“We can have up to 100 dogs through the door on a busy day.” said Ms Redding, 37. “There are a mix of high energy dogs, low energy dogs, large breeds, small breeds and puppies. It really is a huge task for our staff to ensure the dynamic is right and certain dogs are given the correct boundaries. We make sure that there is a visual risk assessment going on constantly. As you can imagine, having a vet on-site on busy days is such a bonus for members.”

The facility is also the perfect training ground for people new to having a dog, and puppies who aren’t as confident with other dogs to get them into socialising. Owners have to bring proof of up to date vaccinations on their first visit to ensure all dogs are in a safe and healthy environment.

“As well as seeing clients it’s about us ensuring that Action Petz members have access to a vet.” continued Mr Hill-John. “As vets, we look at animals from an anatomical standpoint; it’s the owners who tend to recognise behavioural anomalies. Bringing your dog to an environment that can develop its social skills, whilst getting the dog checked physically far supersedes any other service out there for the well-being of your dog. At present, we have a vet at Action Pets two afternoon’s per week on a Tuesday and a Thursday.  Over the next month we have plans to run three afternoon surgeries and two evening surgeries. Our short-term goal is to have a vet on-site for every day of the week. We have had so many comments from clients in our surgeries across Cardiff that talk so passionately about the good work Action Petz is doing. To partner up with such an innovative and enthusiastic young business is incredibly rewarding.”

“Having a vet on-site affords our members peace of mind.” continued Ms Redding. “It fits in to our ethics of having the dog’s well being as our prime concern. We are dog lovers at heart; it makes perfect sense to partner up with another organisation who share our values. Partnering up with Heath Vets is just one positive to come out of our first six months in business. We have plans to take on two additional staff in the first quarter of 2015, and we have ongoing developments with complementary services; all thanks to the success of working with Heath Vets.”

Action Petz doesn’t just prevent both owner and dog getting drenched by the wet Welsh weather; but it promotes social interaction between dogs and vigorous exercise that may not be achieved through regular walking – all whilst the owner can relax and grab a coffee in the on-site cafe.

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