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Business Advisers Cut The Mustard

26 Mar 2015
Business Advisers Cut The Mustard

Two South Wales business advisers have launched a consultancy firm geared at maximising growth.

Neil Hill and Alan Jones have launched Mustard, a business advisory and growth management firm helping business owners maximise their potential. Mustard, based in Caerphilly, will work with businesses across a variety of sectors implement tools and processes that harnesses growth through a range of mentoring and coaching techniques.

“Our excitement is hardly containable.’’ said co-founder Neil Hill. “We’re both successful business owners and former directors in large firms; we know what it takes to make a success out of hard work. We have earned the right to give advice based on these experiences and along with our corporate education; we have developed a passion for helping successful business owners get to the next level and reach their goals.”

Discussing the licensing aspect of the business, co-founder Alan Jones said: “Our goal is to be a global leader in business advice, business tools and developing self belief and confidence. To achieve this we must be able to deliver our process globally, and we cant do this ourselves, so we have produced a model that we can license to hand picked individuals to use our tools along with their experience to help business owners. We will provide ongoing training with an intensive training program along with monthly training sessions to develop our people and processes. Our online library has over 10,000 business tools, books, seminars and workshops, presentations and material to support our licensees and clients.”

Discussing why they decided to launch Mustard, Mr Hill said: “We decided to launch Mustard as we felt that successful business owners are not getting the tools, advice and confidence they need to make decisions and increase value within their business. We see lots of support for business start-ups through hubs, grants and government support; but nothing for established successful businesses – this is something we are committed to changing.”

Mustard is geared at business owners who lack support and advice in their armoury. Both Mr Hill and Mr Jones have worked with South Wales’ fastest growing firms such as Liberty Marketing, TWL Voice & Data, Just Cashflow and Caer Health.

“The quality of businesses we have worked with demonstrates to impact we can have over a period of time. All of our clients are testimony to our commitment to growth and hunger for success.

For more information on Mustard, call 02921 111262, email or follow Mustard on Twitter.

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