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2 Oct 2015

Miskin based charity 2 Wish Upon A Star has raised over £2,500 through their children’s charity cycle ride fundraiser ‘Wobbles and Wheelies’. The event was held at Bryncelenog School in Beddau and saw 78 children from a range of different age groups cycle around a running track, raising money for the good cause. Year 1 students did their part by cycling a lap while year 10 and 11 students peddled a bit further, notching up six laps apiece.

There was then a timed cycle for each age group, testing how many laps they could get through in 10 minutes, with every child who took part given a t-shirt and a medal. The day was topped off with refreshments, face painting, a bouncy castle and a lucky dip.

Rhian Burke, Founder of 2 WIsh Upon A Star said: “The day was a great success and we raised a lot of money. I’d like to thank everyone who took part from the children who worked so hard pedaling around our track, to the parents and volunteers who helped organise and run the day.

“Although our charity is about supporting parents when the unthinkable happens, it’s also about ensuring we play a vital role within our communities, so that we have the connections and resources to help people through the worst moment in their lives. Events like the charity bike ride help raise awareness of our cause and sometimes that is half the battle, parents need to know that we are there and that we can help.”

2 Wish Upon A Star was first established in 2012 by founder Rhian Burke to raise money for the improvement of bereavement services for families who have suffered the sudden loss of a child. The money raised for the charity goes towards helping those who are in need of immediate shock and trauma support and to improve the bereavement facilities in local hospitals and Accident and Emergency departments.

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