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Bereavement Charity Looks To Generate Support From Across The Whole Of Wales

21 Nov 2014
Bereavement Charity Looks To Generate Support From Across The Whole Of Wales

Talbot Green based child bereavement charity 2 Wish Upon A Star is looking to generate support across the whole of Wales to help parents who have lost a child suddenly and unexpectedly. The charity is in contact with nearly all of the accident and emergency departments in Wales, with eight of those hospitals giving out memory boxes provided by the charity to bereaved parents.

“We were primarily a South Wales based charity,” says Founderand Project Manager at 2 Wish Upon A Star, Rhian Burke. “But due to demand and the gap in the systemwe have been contacted by counties across Wales, including Pembrokeshire and North Wales, asking for our help. We have reached out to hospitals across numerous counties and believe we can support families in every corner of Wales by the end of next year.”

The aim of the charity is to make sure families have somewhere to turn if they need ongoing support after they suddenly lose a child.The memory box is the start of the bereavement process and the beginning of the support the charity offers to bereaved parents during the hardest of times. The boxes are white with a simply metal star on the top. They contain an inkless handprint kit, organza bags for curls, a candle, a disposable camera and little cuddly elephant called Gorgeous George, one for the parents and one to stay with the child. This is to show how the family’s loved one will not be forgotten.

“We are looking to create a bank of self employed support workers right across Wales that we can call on if a family requires support.” continues Mrs Burke. “The goal is to make sure that everyone has support no matter where they are in Wales. We are looking for qualified counsellors and those who have any shock and trauma support experience to get in touch. We also want people who can run support groups so that we can provide as many opportunities as possible to get people the help and support they desperately need within their communities. We also wish to provide welsh speaking support workers to provide support in the families first language.”

If you need support or know anyone who would benefit from our support please do not hesitate in contacting us Alternatively if you are keen to work along side 2 Wish Upon A Star and support families in the darkest of times please contact us for more information. For more information about 2 Wish Upon A Star please visit:

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