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An evening with Wales’ most famous Jones’ is being held to celebrate Wales’ mammoth clash with England in this Autumn’s Rugby World Cup.

Rodney Parade plays host to An Evening with the Jones’ in benefit of St David’s Hospice Care on Friday 26th September with Newport Gwent Dragons coaches Kingsley and Lyn Jones headlining the fundraiser.

The evening is sponsored by TWL Voice and Data, and managing Director Andrew Nicholson said: “Saturday 26th September 2015 has been firmly fixed in every rugby fans’ diary across Wales and England since the World Cup fixtures were announced. To spend such a pivotal evening in esteemed company such as Dragons’ supremos Kingsley and Lyn Jones at one of Wales’ top rugby venues is a real honour. However, the evening isn’t just about the rugby.”

Nicholson continued: “To be able to raise funds and support St David’s Hospice Care is the real motivator here. We are all guilty of talking about sport stars being heroes, but the ones that deserve the praise are those that support people and their families through the most devastating of illnesses.

Speaking of the evening, Tania Ansell, Fundraiser from St David’s Hospice Care said: “We are so excited here to be raising funds to enable us to provide our free care around such a large scale sporting event . To have the support of TWL is a real bonus for us and are thankful for their continued support of the Hospice, we are looking forward to a great night where we hope to raise lots of funds, so come and join us!”

Tickets are priced at £35 per head and the evening will consist of a two course dinner, a Q&A session with the speakers followed by England V Wales on the big screen.

Please call 01633 851051 if any more information is required or if you would like to book and make a payment/request and invoice by phone. Alternatively, please email

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Deb Jones, Client Manager at EST Accountants and Tax Advisers will be climbing Kilimanjaro in aid of Green Meadow Riding for disabled children. Mrs Jones has self-funded the ten day Kilimanjaro trip but is continuing to collect additional donations for the charity.
Green Meadow Riding for disabled children helps children with disabilities benefit from horse riding lessons within the local community in Aberdare. 
Mrs Jones’ trip begins on one of the most popular ascents, Machame Route, which is a path that climbs Kilimanjaro from the south west and enjoys some of the finest forest and heath moorland scenery on the mountain.   
“This charity has been running for 30 years and is solely run on the generosity and kindness of our local community,” said Mrs Jones, who is also the treasurer of the charity. “All of the money I raise will go directly to the charity. Any donations large or small are very much appreciated.”
“Climbing Kilimanjaro is a challenging task that requires the proper preparation to ensure it’s a successful and enjoyable experience,” said Brendon Samson, Physiotherapist with Agile Therapy. “Depending on the pace you’re travelling at, hikers can expect to burn roughly 350 – 500 Kcal per hour of hiking. From four to eight hours of hiking each day for seven to ten days, that’s a lot of work. As you ascend to heights above sea level, the percentage of oxygen found in the air decreases as well, meaning that your body is suddenly working with less fuel than it’s used to. Given the proper training and time to acclimatize as you climb, your body can adapt quite well to these conditions.”
“It’s a very impressive challenge to undertake,” said Barry Esterhuizen, Director of EST Accountants. “We wanted to support Deb as much as possible as she’s worked so hard both and in and outside the office, she’s a wonderful asset to the company.”
For the latest advice on accounts, bookkeeping, tax and general finance; follow EST Accountants on Twitter or call 02921 303 888. 
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Local training company The JDH Group has announced their recent partnership with TSW Training. The two companies will be working together to train students and help them gain a qualification for ‘Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)’. The JDH Group are also in the process of making an eLearning website for their Sage and ICB students. 
“I am delighted that we are partnering with TSW Training,” said Jackie Hooper, Managing Director of The JDH Group. “We have worked with some great companies over the years, including Educ8 Training and the University of South Wales and always find these partnerships highly beneficial to all involved. Alongside working with TSW Training, we want our new website to supplement the classroom training we offer with online training, so that students who live too far away to be classroom students will still be able to gain distance learning.”
TSW Training will be responsible for finding students and place them in apprenticeships while Jackie Hooper will be the designated trainer who will be responsible for training, liaising with students, providing them with course materials and booking exams.
The company will be working with a wide variety of students, some of whom are private students that wish to change career, others have been placed in an accounting role and wish to gain a proper qualification to go with their experience.  Some students are currently clients of The JDH Group who wish to take responsibility for their own bookkeeping and keep their accounts fees as low as possible. 
“The main goal for our new eLearning website is to have another platform for our students to contact and interact with us,” said Jayson Flores, Marketing Manager at The JDH Group. “We are planning to also offer this to our existing and past students as part of our support package after completing our courses so that they can login and revisit the courses that they learnt.”
The JDH Group consists of three different companies; JDH Training, JDH Bookkeeping Services and JDH Accountants. Over the next few months the JDH Group are planning to offer existing Auto-Enrolment services to current and potential clients to help them get through the process. They will also be encouraging their existing clients to take advantage of training courses to improve in-house bookkeeping skills, thus keeping their fees as low as possible. 
For more information about The JDH Group, please visit:
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A former military-man who lost everything after leaving the forces has set up a not-for-profit business aimed at supporting ex-services personnel and their families. 
Neil Jones served in numerous tours across 12 years of service and exited the forces in 2006; struggling with civilian life up until he got back on his feet last year. At his lowest ebb, Mr Jones ended up homeless as he went through a series of personal struggles before military charity SSAFA intervened and supported Mr Jones in getting himself back on to his feet. 
SSAFA has been providing support to the forces and their families since 1885, through both World Wars and to the present day. They help over 50,000 people a year, the equivalent of one every 15 minutes. For the serving community they have committees on 71 military establishments worldwide and for the veteran community they have 92 branches with 7,000 volunteer helping in every town and village across the land.
Mr Jones, from Bridgend, has set up Rags Textiles; a business that will support SSAFA and provide working opportunities to former military personnel. The business is setting up a UK network oftextile banks that will collect and sell clothing with all profits going towards SSAFA and other activities for helping those service men and women leaving the forces and entering civilian life.   
“SSAFA helped me more than I could ever imagine. They helped me one day at a time and ever since I’ve been determined to give something back.” said Mr Jones. SSAFA support countless military families who have either lost family members or struggled with their reintroduction into civilian life, and with the new business we are committed to ensuring this support continues.” 
“The incentive scheme underpins our core mission as a business.” continued Jones. “Ultimately, we want to raise as much as possible for SSAFA, but we want to do it in a sustainable and beneficial manner. This means offering employment to ex-military personnel and their families throughout local communities; all whilst promoting renewable and environmentally efficient schemes.”
Speaking from the business’ base in Bridgend, Mr Jones stressed how important it was to create a network of clothing banks across the UK: “Whilst our initial aim is to establish ourselves in South Wales, we have medium-term plans to expand to England via the M4 corridor, and then long-term ambitions to be truly national across the UK.” 
Rages Textiles is looking for locations across Wales and the South West of England to station textile banks. if you would like to donate clothing , textiles or offer any other form of support please see the existing location on the website.  
SSAFA Head of Regional Fundraising in the South Jim Morrison said “We are proud to have Neil as an ambassador, his courage and tenacity is a model for us all. The project raises money from your old clothes to help veterans; it provides jobs for ex servicemen and helps the environment. What more could you want? Neil has come up with a brilliant idea and we are thankful to him.”
For more information about the Ride for Heroes then please or email
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Directors at Bridgend-based Celtic Electrical have launched a new business offering home automation. LEAF, which will be based from new offices at Miskin Manor Business Centre, has appointed Darren Henson to head up the business.

“We are excited to launch LEAF and welcome Darren Henson on board,” said Lee Powell, Managing Director of Celtic Electrical and LEAF. “This is the future of home and office control and is available at reasonable costs. There are very few companies in Wales offering this level of service and quality of product.”

Powell continued: “Home automation controls heating, security systems, multimedia systems and lighting automatically or remotely via your smartphone or tablet, meaning you have complete control over your home or office even when you are not there.”

Darren Henson, who has been appointed as Business Development Manager, spoke of his delight at joining the new venture: “To join such an intriguing and cutting-edge business at its early stages is too good an opportunity to turn down. I’ve already learned a great deal, and due to the technology being so new, there are developments almost on a weekly basis – making this an opportunity to change how people power their properties and how it dictates modern life.”

Mr Henson continued: “Everything can be controlled from an app on your phone. Using home automation will save on energy bills, improve security measures and implement safety features.”

“As our lives are getting busier, automation can play a big part of making our lives easier.” said Powell. “Home automation means that you can turn on the heating when you are within a certain distance from home or office, it can turn on the coffee machine as you get out of bed, you can check to see if the iron has been left on. You have the power to turn these utilities off and on from your phone. It can imitate your lighting to work in a sequence when you are on holiday so that it looks as if there is someone at home.”

For more information regarding LEAF, please visit, call 01656 860 670 or email

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Cardiff telecoms firm TWL Voice and Data has been a key part of the £450 million Cardiff and Vale College development which will be a landmark development for education in the city.
TWL has worked on the new Cardiff and Vale College site located just off Dumballs Road in Cardiff, installing 2200 Cat6a Data points, 500 Cores of fibre and over 200 Dell WIFI access points as part of five month project along with Circle IT and Evans Electrical.
The development, Canal Parade, is the biggest current building development in the project covering 16,000 square metres (172,000 sq ft) and will be opening to students this September ready for the 2015/16 academic year.
“It’s a huge honour to work on a landmark development in the city,” said Andrew Nicholson, Managing Director of TWL Voice and Data. “This is a huge step forward for the further education system, and these facilities will truly allow pupils and staff to improve the standard for the benefit of the whole of South Wales.”
The building will be holding 4,000 students based in the building that will be working across 200 different courses.
“We’re working on a few projects with our collaborative partners at Circle IT and Evans Electrical both in the public and private sector,” continued Mr Nicholson. “Due to the high volume of students that will be working in the building the need for good quality infrastructure is crucial. We are so glad to have been chosen for this project and hope many similar installments will follow.”
For more information on TWL please call 02920 839 100, email and follow @twlvoiceanddata on Twitter or visit:
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Welsh based firm Simply Factoring Brokers has shed some light on the factoring industry and why it’s becoming more acceptable for businesses to use a factoring company, to ease the pressures of their cash flow.
Factoring is a service used by companies that trade with other businesses so that they can receive a percentage of their invoices upfront. In legal terms a company sells their invoices to a factoring company for a small fee, normally averaging between 1-2%, and they will receive 80-90% of their invoices on the day they raise it to pay for any upfront costs such as materials, labour or equipment.
“The factoring industry is a lot bigger than most people think,” said Steven Adams, Managing Director of Simply Factoring Brokers. “But as the industry isn’t regulated by law it’s always best to use a broker who will use their experience to place a company with the right funder. This can often save a business thousands in fees and as the brokering firms get paid by the funder, so their service to a business is completely free.”
Factoring has been around for decades. Until the early 90s and even coming into the millennium it was seen as a facility that was only used by companies in financial distress. Many years ago, if a customer was factoring you were passed to the administration department as you were almost expected to go bust. However, in the last 5 to 10 years the industry has really cleaned itself up and the is now regulated by a trade body, The Asset Based Finance Association (ABFA) and all the invoice finance companies have signed up to their rules and regulations. 
“As people are understanding factoring invoice discounting more and more, even banks are starting to recommend this once taboo product over more traditional forms of finance such as loans and overdrafts,” continued Mr Adams. “I think that there was previously a stigma attached to factoring because it is disclosed. This means everyone knew that your company was being financed in an era where finance was a fairly new concept.”
As a factoring brokerage firm Simply Factoring Brokers do everything for their clients and make the process as easy as possible. “As soon as we find out what a company does and how their invoicing process works we match them to a well suited funder and save them money on what they would pay going direct to the factoring firms,” said Steven Adams. “Just like mortgages or car insurance different companies specialise in different areas. We save our clients the headache of this and by the time you are sitting down with the funder we have already negotiated fees, terms of business etc and we are fairly confident they are a funder that will help.”
The firm has recently moved offices and is working on further expanding it’s team over the coming months. 
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Caerphilly based Occupational Health specialist Caer Health outline the importance of cancer screening for employees.
One of the top health risks to employees is cancer. It is high on the list with mental health problems, musculoskeletal disorders and heart problems. Advanced age is a huge factor in your likelihood of getting cancer. Whilst it is obviously possible for the disease to strike at any age, it is an alarming statistic that men over 40 are 50% more likely to develop certain types of cancer.
With individuals living longer and working later into life, either by choice or due to increased age of retirement, it is imperative for employers to look after their staff and put measures in place to fight against cancer.
“Early detection is key to tackle these health risks,” said Dr Sarah Smallcombe Occupational Health Physician at Caer Heath. “The earlier a problem is detected and treated the faster someone is likely to recover from the illness. Cancer screening is therefore hugely important, especially when people are over a certain age. Early detection leads to more treatment options, the potential for higher survival rates generally results in a more positive attitude. It is also far more likely that employees will need fewer absences and get back to work more quickly after their treatment is complete with earlier detection.”
Cancer research UK revealed that just under half of the people diagnosed with cancer are diagnosed in the late stages, when treatment is often more complex and recovery time is longer.
“It is important to increase awareness within a workforce of potential symptoms that could be linked to cancer,” continues Dr Smallcombe.
“Encouraging regular screenings for employees is also hugely beneficial in catching cancer and other diseases early so that they can be treated and hopefully cured.  Some of the mos common types or screenings are: Breast screening vans, Cervical smears at GP, PSA and Skin Surveillance. Newer tests are also  being developed that maybe launched on a natural level such as Pancreatic testing that has been in the news lately.”
“Educating employees on possible risk factors is also extremely important. Highlighting high risk factors such as smoking, drinking and obesity that can ultimately lead to cancer, can help employees become more aware of managing the risks and taking steps to decrease their risks by changes in lifestyle.”
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As a PR company we have a lot of stories for our clients going out daily to local and national news sites. After we send out press releases we are constantly on the look out for clients getting coverage in a huge variety of publications. Journalists have busy enough lives and often don’t have time to let us know when our coverage will be going up; naturally, it’s up to us to find the coverage and let our clients know when it has come up online.

Previously, we have used Google Alerts to help us out. However, we haven’t found it to be particularly reliable. Since it came into being in 2003 there has been a lot of commentary about how Google Alerts is unreliable; culminating around 2012 when the general consensus seemed to be that Google Alerts was broken. There was even a website started in May 2012 called to highlight the problem. Eventually, on 17th February 2015 there were celebratory messages on the site saying that Google had FINALLY released an update and Google Alerts was fixed.

However, it doesn’t seem to be time to celebrate just yet. I still find we have some trouble with it and the function seems far from completely fixed. Sometimes updates just don’t come through. Myself and my colleagues have had the same alert that was sent 12 hours apart, despite us having the same settings and search terms on our alert systems.

Currently the best way we have found of finding coverage is the old fashioned way. Good old manual searching, but obviously this isn’t ideal. As our client base grows so does the amount of stories we send out and it’s difficult to make sure we catch every single piece of coverage.

In my search for an alternative, and hopefully more reliable product, I came across the following options:


  1. Talkwalker Alerts is a free service that works in much the same way as Google Alerts. You receive real time alerts to your email and it’s simple to use.

  1. Mention is a higher end version of the alerts system that also lets you have the addition of select social sources. It has a free version that’s restrictive and an unlimited version that starts at $19.99 month.

  2. Meltwater is an alerts system aimed specifically at PR and marketing companies. It delivers alerts for online media monitoring from range of 190,000 news publications and social media sites. While clearly the superior system, a subscription starts at $6,000 per year, making it a pricey alternative to the free versions available.

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Welsh insurance broker BPW Insurance Services has continued its expansion with two new staff appointments. The firm has appointed Malcolm Jeremiah as an Account Executive and Murray James as a Senior Account Handler.
Malcolm is joining the firm to spearhead its new business drive. He has over nine years’ experience in the insurance industry and has excellent connections and experience within the South Wales market. 
The firm’s second new appointment, Murray James, has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, and brings a wealth of experience to a key role within the firm. After his previous employer was taken over by a larger firm, Murray was keen to find a broker that allow him to work with clients at a local, personal level.
“We‘re part way through a five year plan, and we are on track to achieve what we’ve set out to do,” said Paul Wiggins, Chartered Insurance Broker and Director of BPW Insurance Services. “These two appointments bring in nearly 30 years of experience, knowledge and local-level contacts that will help drive our business forward. Malcolm’s passion and enthusiasm in generating new business, coupled with Murray’s wealth of knowledge on the technical aspects of insurance will help us grow as a business and expand our client base so that we can surpass the targets implemented in our five year plan.”
BPW Insurance has specialised in commercial insurance for over 30 years and offers technical expertise coupled with dedicated ongoing service to businesses to ensure that they are both fully covered from the start and have the support they need in the event of a claim. The company plans to continue to grow organically through new business generation and further appointments.
“Everything we do is either in our underlying plan, or built into the plan if necessary,” continued Mr Wiggins. “We are passionate about driving the business forward; our mission is to stay true to our long history of outstanding client service, whilst pushing forward as a modern and innovative business.
BPW Insurance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and they are also members of the British Institute of Insurance Brokers (BIBA).
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The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has appointed leading housing lawyer, David Smith, as its new policy director.  No stranger to Welsh housing policy, he recently served as an expert advisor to the Welsh Assembly Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee for its stage 1 consideration of the Renting Homes (Wales) Bill.

David specialises in landlord and tenant law, particularly in the residential sector.  He deals with civil claims such as possession actions against tenants at all levels from the county courts to the Supreme Court; actions in the First-Tier and Upper Tribunals contesting decisions of local authorities, and defending landlords and agents from prosecution in relation to property matters.  His RLA appointment is a personal position, although he will remain a practising solicitor and partner at Anthony Gold.

David has written and spoken extensively on landlord and tenant law and is particularly known for his work on the Housing Act 2004.  He has advised at all levels from landlords and agents to tenancy deposit protection schemes, local authorities, and landlord and lettings agent’s representative bodies.

Welcoming the appointment, RLA Director for Wales, Douglas Haig said, “David Smith is a recognised expert in residential landlord and tenant law, with a particular focus on changes in the law.  He is well known across the sector for his work on tenancy deposit protection, and houses in multiple occupation, and a regular contributor to conferences, the media and landlord forums.  At a time of considerable change for the private rented sector in Wales, David’s experience as an Assembly Committee advisor will be invaluable in guiding RLA policy and making representation to all levels of government.”

David Smith added: “I am delighted to join the RLA.  With the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 bringing landlord registration and licensing into force, a new Renting Homes Bill proposed and major changes to the tax regime, it is a challenging time for landlords.   Private renting is crucial to meeting Wales’ housing need and supporting the flexible workforce the economy demands.  However, as it continues to grow, it comes under greater levels of scrutiny.  I look forward to leading the RLA’s policy work, to secure the best possible outcomes for our members, and the private rented sector in general.”

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TWL Voice and Data is continuing its growth by winning two long term contracts with local solicitor firms Howells and Berry Smith.
“The state of the art systems we have installed supply improved functionality for our clients,” said Ian England, Business Development Manager. “Both clients are now able to record conversations on demand, receive their voice mail messages as emails so can pick them up when they are away from the office and they can have up to 20 party conference calling. All the systems are linked up on the different sites so that each of their offices can dial each other internally, transfer calls between sites FOC and can set up homeworkers very easily and cost effectively.”
The Cardiff-based telecoms company installed new Mitel MiVoice Office 250 telephone systems in four Howells Solicitors sites with 120 phone extensions in total across Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend and Swansea. All systems across the different sites are linked together so they work as one office. The sites have all new Cat 5e data cabling and power poles have been installed in their head office. TWL implemented Mitel phone manager software across the sites so that they can all see each other’s presence and instant message each other as well as use the click to dial function when making outbound calls.
TWL installed two new Mitel MiVoice Office 250 telephone systems with 81 IP Phones  in Berry Smith’s Cardiff Headquarters and Bridgend office and linked them together so they work as one office.
“It’s great to be involved with two prestigious solicitor firms in the local area. Both exceptional players in the legal sector,” continued Mr England. “We hope to attract more solicitors to partner with us in the future.”
TWL has recently had great success with it’s acquisition JVH Communications which has been trading for 25 years and has a plethora of clients across South Wales. TWL are looking at further acquisitions in order to increase our size and authority in the market and are perfectly placed to become a UK leader within the next five years. 
TWL has also recently won substantial contracts with Green Willow Funerals, Axiom Manufacturing and Atlantic Properties.
For more information on TWL please call 02920 839 100, email and follow @twlvoiceanddata on Twitter or visit:
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Factoring company Simply Factoring Brokers has relocated their offices from Bedwas to Gold Tops in Newport.
“The business has grown drastically in the last year and we needed to reflect this by upgrading our offices,” said Steve Adams, Director at Simply Factoring Brokers. “We had started to outgrow our base in Bedwas, and with the calibre of clients we are now working with, we needed a base from which to be proud of. The new facilities here in Newport are first class and position us well to take on the UK market.”
The new 750 sq ft offices will allow the business to grow in their staff numbers as well as facilitate an increase in their client base. They are currently completing ten deals per month and aim to reach 150 new deals within the next year. 
“In 2014 we completed 35 deals; which shows how much we’ve grown the business in 2015 alone,” continued Mr Adams. “Our business has grown because people are becoming better informed about factoring and what it entails. It was seen as a negative and certainly a taboo subject for business owners to admit if their business was factoring. However, with many factoring options being more economical than an overdraft, people are far more receptive to the idea and appreciate how a steady cash flow can help businesses not only pay the bills, but grow in their own right.”
The company had two members of staff in November of last year but has expanded to six over the last few months and is planning to grow to a team of ten by the end of the year.
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Cardiff based accountancy firm EST Accountants and Tax Advisers has made two appointments as they celebrate two years in business.

Lauren Burt is the firm’s fifth appointment in two years and takes up the role of Client Manager as Emily Morgan joins as Trainee Accountant to take staff numbers to six.

Miss Burt has over a decade of experience working in accountancy; managing and building relationships with a large portfolio of clients across the UK. Dentistry is a specific area of expertise for Miss Burt, with around 30 clients in that field benefiting from her work on bespoke tax planning and profit maximisation.

“Lauren’s motivation and ambition in working her way through her training and her progression in the profession matches EST’s ambition to grow.” said Director of EST Accountants, Barry Esterhuizen. “She brings a wealth of experience to the team and our clients are already benefiting from her extensive knowledge.”

Miss Morgan joins the firm as a she begins her ACCA qualifications in September.

Though relatively new to the profession, Miss Morgan has plenty of life experience, travelling around South East Asia after graduating from university. Her role will comprise handling the essentials such as VAT returns, payroll and general bookkeeping.

“Emily comes to us with a real hunger to learn and progress in the profession, making her a perfect fit for EST. Her growing knowledge base and relationship skills will only add to our driven team as she develops and matures into more senior roles.”

“Appointments like Lauren & Emily will give us the capacity to handle that growth and continue to give clients the good standard of service that we pride ourselves on. We recently celebrated two years in business; it was a fantastic chance to asses how far we have come in a relative short space of time. We have grown to look after an impressive calibre of clients in property, construction, manufacturing and professional services. Further expansion is planned across the next six to 12 months; so our future is incredibly exciting.”

The accountancy firm of chartered certified accountants and chartered tax advisers offer a complete range of services to companies, LLPs, partnerships and individuals.


For the latest advice on accounts, bookkeeping, tax and general finance; follow EST Accountants on Twitter or call 02920 810 693.

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Abercynon based business the JDH Group has appointed Carla Spanswick and Catherine Hawkins in the firm’s Bookkeeping and Accounting Services division.

Carla Spanswick has taken up the post of Bookkeeper and Payroll Manager. Ms Spanswick worked in a retail store for eight years before joining the company. She has degree in education and has experience in bookkeeping from maintaining her father’s business records over the last ten years.

Ms Spanswick’s role includes organising client’s files, updating databases, completing bookkeeping tasks and running the company payroll.

Catherine Hawkins has been appointed Bookkeeper and Marketing Assistant. She trained as a mental health nurse for four years before deciding that she wanted to pursue other ventures in business.

Ms Hawkins’ role will include helping to update databases with clients and students’ details, help prepare student files for training as well as assisting with some marketing tasks such as researching, video editing, social media, content writing, and newsletters.

“Catherine and Carla have been a great addition to our team,” said Jackie Hooper, Managing Director of the JDH Group. “They both have what we call the ‘JDH Manner’, meaning they are both professional, but at the same time warm and friendly. Both have attended our Sage training courses, which has helped them tremendously in their bookkeeping roles. Carla is continuing her studies with AAT Intermediate and Katie is near to completing ICB Level 2 with JDH Training. We believe in all members of staff to be as qualified as possible as this aids their competency in their work role. “

The firm has been receiving enquiries from potential client around the UK as well as requests from as far as France and New York.

“Ou additional clientele has enabled us to hire additional personnel to join our friendly but professional team. Obtaining new clients usually means we now have more work coming in and of course this needs to be completed as soon as possible.”

Over the next few months the JDH Group are planning to offer existing Auto-Enrolment services to current and potential clients to help them get through the process. They will also be encouraging their existing clients to take advantage of training courses to improve in-house bookkeeping skills, thus keeping their fees as low as possible.

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Business Advisory firm Mustard has launched a new diagnostic tool to help businesses pinpoint problems and troubleshoot difficult areas within their business. The Caerphilly based growth management firm helps business owners maximise their potential and this latest tool has been highly praised by clients of the company.
“The benefits of the Mustard Diagnostic are three fold,” said Alan Jones, Co-founder of Mustard. “Firstly it helps the business management team to critically review their business and give an idea of what they are doing well and what isn’t working. Secondly, the business receives a detailed report showing the value created in the business, and the value that is possible when the business reaches it’s full potential. Thirdly, the business receives a traffic lighted action report for all areas that need to be worked on in the business.”
The diagnostic process consists of a Mustard Trusted Business Advisor sitting down with the business owner and working through the process. The advisor will challenge and dig deep into the initial responses to get to the root of any problems within the business.
“We find that the business will be strong in one or two functions, usually the functions that the owner has technical experience in,” said Neil Hill, Co-founder of Mustard. “The other functions will be weaker. We take the business through an eight step process to build a business that works without them have constantly micro-manage it.”
Clients of Mustard have responded positively to the diagnostic and their clients have found the step by step action plan to address the issues an excellent tool. 
“Many businesses find the diagnostic process itself is inspiring,” continued Mr Jones. “To quote one client ‘that was awesome and so inspiring. I am so excited to be working with you and  can’t wait to start the action plan’. We have found that the process  gives our clients the confidence that they need to take to reach the next level.”
Mustard, works with businesses across a variety of sectors implement tools and processes that harnesses growth through a range of mentoring and advising techniques. 
For more information on Mustard, call 02921 111262, email or follow Mustard on Twitter. 
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HR firm Effective HRM has appointed two new members to their team after celebrating four successful years in business. The company has appointed Georgia Brown as their Senior HR Advisor and Tracy Rainieri as their Office Manager.
Georgia Brown has been part of the Effective HRM team as an HR Advisor since July 2013.  Prior to joining the company, she worked in HR for Ernst & Young in London before moving to Cardiff and working in the HR team at Eversheds.
“Since joining the Effective HRM team, Georgia has proved to be a tremendous asset to the company,” said Emma del Torto, Managing Director of Effective HRM. “Georgia has played an integral part in providing clients with our new recruitment project service, which has brought in additional revenue to the company. She effectively combines her corporate experience with her excellent interpersonal skills to deliver first class HR support services.”
Tracy Rainieri has an administrative and generalist HR background spanning over 20 years, primarily within the manufacturing industry. Tracy has worked as a PA at board level and ran her own virtual PA business before joining the Effective HRM team in April 2015. Her experience covers HR practice and development, office management, database management, document creation, organisational skills, social media and business development.
“Tracy started off as our virtual assistant providing us with support a few hours every week on an ad hoc basis,” continued Ms del Torto. “It soon became apparent that without her we would simply not be able to grow so we asked her to join the team on a permanent basis. Tracy is a trusted pair of hands for the running of the business. Having her in our team allows us to focus on and take better care of our clients.”
Effective HRM is an outsourced HR Services organisation, focused on delivering HR, Employment Law, Training and Health & Safety services to a wide range of clients in diverse industries ensuring best practice at all times. The firm is experienced in making sure organisations have the right structure and culture in place through supportive expertise and best practice, as well as providing advice, training and HR software solutions.  
“We want to recruit additional staff including legal and HR specialists from strategic areas around the UK to join the team in order to fulfil the growing demand for our service,” said Ms del Torto. “The company will reach a turnover of £250k this financial year and project high growth as we expand nationwide.”
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Rugby star Mike Phillips arranged for some very lucky children from the children’s charity Follow Your Dreams to meet the members of One Direction at their concert at the Millennium Stadium last Friday and Saturday. The Wales star, who is patron of the Church Village based charity and has been deeply involved in helping the children achieve their dreams over the past two years, organised for 17 children to go to the two concerts that were held in Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium over the weekend.
After a chance meeting with his Twitter nemesis Niall Horan at a bar in New York last year Phillips, who has since patched up his differences with the megastar, has become friendly with the band and asked if they would be willing to do a meet and greet with some of the children from the charity.
“It was such an wonderful couple of days,” said Diane Blackmore, CEO of Follow Your Dreams. “We are so grateful to One Direction for spending some of their precious free time with us. They have such busy schedules and it was amazing of them to take the time to meet the kids and give them a once in a lifetime experience. The concerts were incredible and all the kids had so much fun. As ever, we are so grateful to Mike who is a wonderful patron who is always thinking of us and what he can do for the children.”
The children weren’t told prior to the event so that it would be a surprise. Before the each concert some of the children were taken backstage to meet the band. On the Friday night Amy and Follow Your Dreams volunteer’s Caroline and Sophie went to meet the band and on the Saturday Ashley and her siblings Saul and Maddie got the opportunity to meet them as well. Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis had photos with the children and presented them with a signed a t-shirt and program which Follow your Dreams will be auctioning off to raise money.
Ashley is in a wheel chair and the charity previously got local printing company Trustmark to make her custom designed One Direction wheel covers designed for Ashley by local artist Lydia McCarthy. On seeing these the band members were thrilled and immediately signed the wheelchair for Ashley who was over the moon.
Mike Phillips also paid for Amy Johnson’s ticket to the concert. Amy does her own fundraising for the charity has recently raised £2,000 from selling hand knitted toys at local fates.
“Mike Phillips has always been my hero,” said Amy. “But now he’s my superhero!”
The charity will be raffling off the signed t-shirt via a £1 donation via Text Giving. To enter text ONED15 £1 to 70070.
Follow Your Dreams is a national charity operating in England and Wales that inspires children and young people with learning disabilities to follow their dreams.
Their vision is for children and young people with learning disabilities to recognise their potential, be ambitious and be provided with the opportunities to follow their dreams. The charity focuses on children’s abilities, growing and developing skills through the delivery of creative and interactive events, dreams and workshops.