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Anti-Bullying Charity Teams Up With Theatre Arts School

6 May 2015
Anti-Bullying Charity Teams Up With Theatre Arts School

UK charity BulliesOut has recently launched a new partnership with Stagecoach Theatre Arts School to offer children practical support through a new range of performing arts workshops. BulliesOut is a charity that promotes awareness and prevention of bullying  and Stagecoach will be designing a unique programme to help young people explore the themes of individuality, peer pressure and inclusive supportive peer groups.

The two organisations recently conducted a survey that shows 90 per cent of parents in the UK believe their child is under pressure to ‘fit in’ at school. A further 81 per cent of parents with children aged from between 4 and 5 years-old are concerned that their children feel this pressure, a staggering 98 per cent of those with children aged from between 15 to 16 believe they are currently experiencing pressure to conform.

“In 2015 there is more pressure than ever before to fit in,” said Linda James, CEO of BulliesOut. “We strongly believe this could be a factor in bullying and self esteem issues in children. We should encourage children and young people to build supportive and inclusive peer groups that recognise and value individuality.”

In addition to uncovering the high levels of pressure to conform, the study found that 60% of parents feel their child has been victim to some form of bullying and almost 30% have heard their child put themselves down.

Sarah Kelly, Managing Director of Stagecoach Theatre Arts Schools says: “At Stagecoach, we believe in helping children reach their full potential and our classes help children build their self-esteem and express themselves confidently, developing skills that benefit them in all aspects of their lives. We’re excited to share our expertise and help BulliesOut develop a unique programme using performing arts to inspire and engage children in the topics raised by this research.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Stagecoach Theatre Arts Schools,” continued Linda James. “It’s incredibly important to find creative ways to help young people build inclusive, supportive peer groups that recognise and respect people’s individual differences”

Stagecoach will raise money for the charity throughout 2015 culminating in an annual Charity Gala performance.

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