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Accountancy firm develops its own software in bid to perfect service to clients

3 Feb 2017
Accountancy firm develops its own software in bid to perfect service to clients

An accountancy firm has developed its own software suite in order to help businesses manage their taxation and finances better.

Cwmbran-based accountancy firm Green & Co Accountants and Tax Advisors has spent over two years researching what their clients need ahead of what is a busy few years of legislative changes.

The software suite is comprised of three facets; an income tax forecaster, a financial performance review and a prosperity dashboard.

Barrie Kenyon, Partner at the firm, said: “Recently, the government has made a number of adjustments to the tax system that are all coming into effect across the next three to four years such as the changes to mortgage interest relief and company car benefit. We want our clients to see how the changes in legislation will affect them so we can reorganise remuneration in a tax-efficient way.”

With Green & Co’s software suite, clients can use the forecaster to analyse the current taxable income and see what future liabilities will be for the next five years.

Explaining the financial review element of the software, Mr Kenyon said: “Some clients may not be able to fully understand the numbers thrown at them from the accounts. It is important that they know how to digest the data from key performance indicators of how the business is performing. Our graphical analysis helps clients understand how the business has been performing year-on-year and it is something we can help them work through and improve upon.

“Our prosperity dashboard reviews the business’ progression toward set goals whilst affording directors accurate up-to-date information as opposed to waiting until year-end accounts are produced.”  

The theory behind the software is to provide businesses with real-time information in order to make quicker and better-informed decisions regarding the performance, direction and sustainability of the business.

Mr Kenyon continued: “As with everything we strive to achieve, our end goal is to help build a stronger business for our clients whilst increasing profit and reducing liabilities.”

Green & Co Accountants and Tax Advisors specialise in business growth and tax minimisation for businesses across Wales and the South West of England.

For proactive advice, contact Green & Co Accountants and Tax Advisors on 01633 871 122, follow @Green_and_Co on Twitter or email

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